Studio Tools

Having the right tools is an important part of doing the job right. Choice was made to install a dedicated place a few hundred meters east from Paris. Everything there was chosen for its quality and sound, not because it was fancy.

Mixing Console: HARRISON Serie 12

  • Digitally controlled analog console
  • 56 channels (Gate/Comp/Filters/Eq per ch.)
  • Instant Save/Recall of whole console
  • Full automation


  • Duntech Princess main monitors
  • KRK Rokit 5 semi nearfields
  • Logitech computer speakers
  • Grace Design M905

DAW’s and Converters

  • Pyramix DAW
  • Apogee & SSL D/A Converters
  • Korg MR-2000 DSD 2 tracks recorder

Peripherals and others

  • Reverbs/Delays: Lexicon 960L, AMS’s, …
  • Comp/EQs : ADR F760RS (Compex), …
  • Epson TW700 Video Projector
  • Etc.

detail harrison3


EQ Neumann


detail AMS DMX1580

detail harrison6


detail AMS DMX1580 bis


detail harrison7